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Early Signs of Needing a New Roof

Is It Time to Call a Professional Roofing Contractor?

Everyone needs a roof. But sometimes, we get used to the idea that our roof protects us from the elements so much that we completely forget about it. Neglecting your roofing system can shorten its lifespan. A roofing contractor warns give you some indications that you may need to invest in a new roof:

  • It looks super old and worn in general. If your system is approaching its 15th or even 20th year, you should think about replacing it. If you decide to organize repairs after repairs, it may become dangerous to you and your household. Roofing parts collapsing and falling off could pose a serious threat.

  • The shingles are curling and buckling. If the shingles edges are curling or buckling, this is a typical sign of a system that doesn’t require fixing but a whole new installation. Once they have started to suffer major deterioration, the process is irreversible and the shingles cannot be repaired, they must be replaced. Calling a roofing repair specialist for an urgent inspection is something you should not delay in doing.

  • Some of the shingles are missing. Missing sections of your roof is another warning sign. Of course, you can keep patching it until it won’t be able to withstand any more repairs.

  • Too many granules in your gutters. Granules play the essential role of keeping all the shingles in place. If they have started to fall apart, that means the entire roofing material is falling apart. How much time have you got left? You need to call a legitimate roofing service provider as soon as possible.

  • Dark streaks; Old roofs that are beyond repair usually have dark streaks. While this may not be a problem causing necessarily a roof replacement, the dark spots you see are most probably covered with algae and moss. Once moss starts to form, you don’t have much choice but to pay for a new installation.


All Roofs R Us Brooklyn can offer you timely and commendable roofing services. The roofing contractor in Brooklyn, NY ready to step up to the plate to fulfill your needs is reachable at (718) 571-9285.

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