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The Differences Between Commercial and Residential Roofing Companies

Commercial and Residential Roofing Company Differences

What makes a residential roofing company different from commercial ones? The roofs they work are quite different. This would also lead to different methods of installation and maintenance. Listed below are key differences and expectations between the two.

1. Design

Most commercial building roofs are large, flat spaces with a low slope, although some may exhibit pitched roof designs of homes and residential properties. Despite the wide space, commercial companies perform short, frequent maintenance schedules. They focus on design specifications such as ventilation, drainage, heating, and so on. Residential companies deal with steep slopes and small areas. Even so, both of these designs need regular maintenance.

2. Materials

Both commercial and residential companies are familiar with common home roofing materials. However, they also specialize in different kinds of materials. Commercial companies deal with more durable materials such as modified bitumen. These materials are necessary for long-lasting, large commercial roofs.

3. Installation

Commercial companies have different considerations when installing a roof. They have to weld seams for watertightness. The flashing and drainage are also things to check for commercial roofs. Residential companies focus more on aesthetics, whereas commercial installers focus more on the functionality.

4. Problems

Commercial and residential problems can also differ. Commercial companies conducting maintenance deal with drainage, cracking, and so on. Some problems that residential companies encounter are trees, standing water, and storm damage.

Knowing these differences can help you in hiring the right roofing company. When contacting one, make sure to ask what roofs do they specialize. You can also consult them what materials are best for your project.

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