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Ask a Local Siding Contractor These Questions

Guide to Hiring a Local Siding Contractor

An experienced local siding contractor brings high-quality results to help create an attractive home. However, searching for one can be difficult, especially for first-time clients. Here are some important questions to ask when contacting siding contractors:

Do you have insurance?

There are contractors that can cover liabilities such as property damage. Others may also have worker’s compensation in case of injuries. Hiring a contractor without insurance means you will take responsibility for any accidents.

Can you install extra home insulation?

With extra insulation, you can lower your bills for heating and cooling your home. Insulation is an option that professional contractors would offer along with the project.

What is your payment schedule?

There are contractors who need a down payment. Some would follow this up with small charges for each stage in the project. Others may ask for payment after the project is complete. Never go for contractors that need full payment before the start of the project.

Any guarantees and warranties?

A siding contractor that offers guarantees makes for reliable service provider. Some siding materials do offer a warranty based on certain conditions. Make sure to inquire both of these things before hiring a contractor for the job.

What are the brands and types needed for the project?

Make sure to get proper written estimates. The said estimates should itemize all product details for the project. These should include brand names, material types, and pricing.

How long were you in the business?

As mentioned before, experience is important when choosing a siding contractor. Go for one that has been in the business for a considerable amount of years.

Do you have the valid license to work in the area?

Ask the contractor if they have the licenses and qualifications. You should verify these with your area’s business bureau.

Do you have any references and referrals?

For assurance, inquire the siding contractor about their past projects. See if they can provide at least five client names with their contact details. Asking some of them can help you gauge the contractor’s reputation.

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